Clever Fox Editing

Clever Fox Editing is editing for the discerning writer on a budget. When you want experience and skill, but don’t want to pay high prices, I’m the clever choice. I have a BA in English Literature and have been editing academic papers since 1997. I started editing novels professionally in 2014.

My focus is on indie and small press. I follow the trends, listen to the podcasts, and keep up on the genres I edit. I believe a good editor should always be learning. I take at least one grammar refresher course per year, own (and subscribe to) the Chicago Manual of Style, and have a guest membership with the Editorial Freelancer’s Association.

What I Do

My focus is on structural editing and copyediting (proofreading) because I’m detail-oriented.  If you want a developmental edit outside of a package deal, I’ll refer you to one of the amazing editors I’ve worked with in the past.

Other offerings include blurb writing, academic editing (English Literature), and limited ghostwriting.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? It never hurts to ask.

Speed and Pricing

Prices and timeframes quoted assume a normal eight-hour day, Monday through Friday, plus a half-day on Saturday. I don’t work on Sunday. If you want someone who works seven days a week, I’m not the right choice for you. Get more information on my editing prices on the links above.

Want to know when I have availability? Check here.

Blog/ Contact

If you’d like to grow as a writer, follow my blog page. I’ll give tips, resources, and other helpful bits on a semi-regular basis.

Want to chat with me about a quote, the price of tea in China, or the literary merits of the Hero’s Quest versus the 12-Point Journey?  See my contact page.

Fine Print (in Big Font)

  • I don’t format. I happen to hate formatting my own books, so I’m not about to start doing it for others. Okay, maybe if you offered me a million dollars. At least then I could pay for someone to format my book.
  • I don’t edit what I don’t read. This includes erotica or romance that’s heavy on the sex, westerns, or bloody horror. I reserve the right to decline a job (prior to contract signing) for any reason.
  • do read comedy-romance, Christian romance, or even romance that keeps the sex scenes as beat points, not word fillers. If you’re not sure, ask. I’ll be happy to clarify.
  • I do read western parodies or genre-blends (Firefly lives on forever).
  • I read Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Edgar Allan Poe. If your horror keeps to that level of blood, guts and terror, we’re good.
  • I believe a good contract makes for good business. The contract will detail payment, genre, word count, type of edit (and what that will specifically entail), as well as time frame. No contract, no editing. Sorry.
  • I will immediately give notice if I need an extension. I will also give you a discount if the extension is on my end.
  • If you’re not sure, ask. I’ll be happy to answer.

That’s it. I’m a diverse reader and can appreciate The Night Circus, follow it up with the guilty pleasure of Top Secret Twenty-One, then toss in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I even read (a lot of) non-fiction.